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This is a completely dynamic web site which is kept up-to-date by the members of the LRE Properties. This site is built using the PrincetonIMTM Web Manager, a full-featured content management system.


The PrincetonIMTM Web Manager enables the LRE Properties to keep their site fresh and relevant. Any authorized person can update the website WITHOUT needing any technical skills or special software -- all that's required is a web browser and an Internet connection.



Find Out More

If you would like to find out how you can use the PrincetonIMTM Web Manager for your business, organization or personal web site, please contact PrincetonIMTM. In most cases, your new new web site can be up and running in just a few days. You can also get access to a full-fledged working demo that allows you to test drive ALL of the PrincetonIMTM features.


For more information visit the PrincetonIMTM web site at or Send an email to Click here to see a few examples of the other websites that use this system.



Related Projects

Our sister company, Princeton Consulting Corporation has developed a product called ProBlogware. ProBlogware is an innovative software platform which combines the most powerful aspects of search engine optimization (SEO), crowdsourcing, user generated content, and social networking to build content rich websites that fulfill the needs of all web users and web consumers. Some of the ProBlogware sites include: